Bicycle Rent

The best way to enjoy the beauty of Holland will be on two wheels. There is no better way to get to know the country. If you leave Amsterdam you can go in all directions with the help of cycle paths. The cycle paths are well marked.

With this site: cycle routes (or download the application) you can plan your trip, just follow the numbers.

Are you looking for a bike to ride for a few days in the Netherlands or towards Belgium or Germany? We rent you the right bikes. We also have panniers available, so you can make a your independent cycling holiday.

Prefer to ride an electric bike? We rent wonderful electric bikes with good autonomy so you can where ever you want to go.


Rental price for one day = € 15 

Rental price for one week = € 60 

This model goed with a rack

See here for details:

Cube Hyde

Rental price for one day= € 27,50 

Renatl price for one week = € 165 

See here for details:


Rental price one day = € 12,50 

Rental price one week = € 75 

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